Digital Asset

Build, ship, iterate until we create the next web3 gem.

A venture studio that excels in Ethereum and explores new ways of protecting web3 users in the crypto seas.

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We built multiple projects throughout the years. Here are some of our favorites.

Our Skills


Web3 development & smart contracts.

We use Solidity to develop smart contracts. We can make them upgradeable with Diamonds standards.
Interact with the blockchain using web3.js and ethers. Monitor transactions in the mempool with Bloxroute or Alchemy. We can simulate transactions with Tenderly.
We even have our own RPC node and have submit multiplebundles with Flashbots. And we have executed more than 10 000 transactions on-chain.


Front & backend development.

With TypeScript and Next.js, we build fast and maintainable websites on Vercel.
TailwindCSS enhances our UI design, while Supabase simplifies database management.
We ensure security with Doppler's environment variables management. Monitor performance using Sentry and host apps using Railway. Even though sometimes we use Docker, Kubernetes or AWS Lambda for specific cases. All of that using our Turbo monorepo.


DeFi & traditional finance expertise.

We started by doing DEX Arbitrage, then we migrated to NFT Arbitrage.
We are market making NFT collections, and we have bots that offer loans on multiple platforms like Blur, X2Y2 using Black and Scholes models.
We also participate in liquidation events and engage in perpetual funding rate arbitrage and options arbitrage.
More than 20 bots on different protocols and chains using advanced longtail strategies.

The Team

rafal zgoda



Blockchain Lecturer - 4 engineering schools
DeFi Trader - Europa Partners XYZ
CEO - Digital Asset Solutions
+5 yrs of Blockchain developpement
+3000 tx on ETH since 6 years

anthony issa

Anthony ISSA

Fullstack Developer

ESILV - Fintech Engineer
Teacher for computer science students
Managed 17 distributors - Worldcoin
Writing a book explaining blockchain technologies
+3 yrs of crypto & dev experience

nicolas bordeaux


Fullstack Developer

IIM - Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci
Active developer in association Kryptosphere
Expertise in developing dApps and bots.

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